The Reiki Principles: ‘Just for Today….’

Just for today I will not worry
Just for today I will not be angry
Just for today I will do my work honestly
Just for today I will give thanks for my many blessings
Just for today I will be kind to my neighbour and every living thing

These simple lines of text represent the 5 Reiki Principles (or ‘Precepts’ as they are sometimes called). Unlike other moral codes these are not prescriptive, telling you what you can or can’t do. Rather, they are offering us guidance on living a balanced life; guidance which promotes harmony and peace, both in our internal world and within the world in general.

Each principle begins with the same three words, ‘Just for today’. Within these words is an understanding that we are all imperfect and very likely to slip up. If it goes wrong for us today, we can always begin again tomorrow. Without pressure, or fear of divine punishment, we can therefore work on improving ourselves daily in the certain knowledge that the more we work with the principles, the more we will condition ourselves to adopt them as a way of life.

Equally, the Five Reiki principles may mean something slightly different to each one of us depending on our own spiritual development and understanding. By focusing on each one in turn, it is possible to unlock the true message they have for us and incorporate them fully into our life.

The important thing is to keep them in the forefront of our mind at all times. Acting almost like a computer virus-checker, the events of the day are filtered through the precepts allowing us to remain balanced and peaceful, no matter what is happening around us. It is a good idea to recite the principles every morning to set focus for the day and then review every evening to see how we have lived up to them in the heat of battle!

If you are on any form of healing journey, either a personal one or as teacher, you need to find a calm and peaceful place within yourself. From this place, you can more easily connect with Universal Energy and effectively channel it to where it is needed. You can’t do this if you’re a jangling bag of nerves. To be able to channel energy effectively, you have to remain balanced and keep your own energy channels open.

What follows are some thoughts on each of the Reiki principles. They are offered as guidance to your own thinking.

Just For Today I Will Not Worry

I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened – Mark Twain

Isn’t this so true? Don’t we all spend far too much time and energy worrying about things that will probably never happen? All this emotional energy causes us stress and anxiety, which in turn often leads to problems with our health.

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In its balanced state the human body is a most remarkable self-correcting mechanism. It is always seeking wellness and vitality as universal energy (Ki, Chi) flows freely around it. Stress and anxiety affect this circulation of energy causing blockages that inhibit the body’s natural ability to heal itself. When this happens we soon start to experience the symptoms of ill health and, if this is left unchecked, it can eventually lead to serious illness or disease.

Worry tends to be primal in nature. When we are focused on our worries we fear for our very survival, either at a physical level or in our sense of who we are as an individual.

In one way worry does carry with it an evolutionary advantage:

  • Is that shadow a sabre tooth tiger or just a rock?
  • Will the branch hold me if I climb the tree to pick fruit?
  • Is this stranger friend or foe?

Successfully identifying these situations would have helped our distant ancestors to survive. A certain amount of concern about situations you are involved with might therefore be considered healthy.

The problem is that worry has now become endemic for most humans and our brain is constantly bombarding us with worrying thoughts about ……… well, pretty much everything! My martial arts instructor used to speak of ‘Captain Paranoia’ who sits on our shoulder whispering nagging thoughts in our ear, exaggerating every situation and presenting us with the very worst possible outcome.

This constant and excessive worry preoccupies our mind and eventually leads to confusion and stagnation in our thought processes. Have you ever been so worried about something that your very being seems to freeze solid?

The best way to overcome our worrying thoughts is to acknowledge them as nothing more than the random activity of our brain, just some amongst the tens of thousand of thoughts we receive each day. The key is not to fixate on them. John Lennon once famously said: ‘What if they throw a war and no one came’. This is exactly what we have to do with our worrying thoughts, not turn up for the battle. It is only when we give them credence that they start to worm their way into our mind and gain strength and power over us.

One of the downsides of the social media world in which we all live is that everyone else’s life starts to look pretty perfect and ours, of course, has its ups and downs. This can lead to a distortion of what life is really like; we need to accept that all of us are faced with difficulties and setbacks. No one escapes this and it is how we respond to these situations that determines how we ultimately lead our lives. We can choose to respond negatively and get upset and anxious about these setbacks, or we can respond positively by accepting it as life giving us an opportunity to learn and grow.

The realisation that the obstacles in our way are actually ‘The Way’, is the secret to living a happier and more fulfilling life. Overcoming the difficulties that we experience throughout our life is a crucial part of our development. The sword of the Samurai was forged in heat and folded many times. It was this constant stressing of the metal that eventually gave it the edge that made it one of the most famous blades in history. In many ways we are similar to the sword; the events of our lives have forged us into the person we have become.

Beyond these mental tricks is a deeper, spiritual, understanding of our existence. The truth is that we are all connected to universal energy which is, at its source, pure love. The more we allow this energy to flow through us the more we become open to experience ourselves as part of this love. Nothing that happens to us can ultimately harm us because this intrinsic energy cannot be destroyed. There is an old saying that ‘The man who doesn’t fear death, doesn’t fear anything’ and, when we recognise our true essence, this can become our truth too.

Why not try this precept and see how it fits with your life? At the very least it will help you to catch all the times Captain Paranoia whispers into your ear. Just recognising his voice and choosing not to be drawn into his war will go a long way to reducing your levels of stress and increase your well being.

Just For Today I Will Not Be Angry

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Of all our emotions, anger is probably the most destructive to both our physical health and our relationships. It is an extremely powerful emotion, one that tends to hijack our normal control mechanisms; put simply, when we are angry we are not in control of our thinking or the situation. We do things and say things that we later come to regret. The damage is done, both in our internal and external world.

In order to live by the principle we must learn to recognise what triggers our anger so we can choose a different response. It is all about who has control. In every instance the person or thing pushing your anger button has taken power and control from you.

Reiki is all about energy. It is helpful to think of our emotions in terms of energy transfers; every time you meet someone there is an exchange of energy. If you are both happy and find the meeting to be enjoyable then the energy exchange is neutral. When you become angry, the other person is stealing your energy and with it has taken control from you. Likewise, if someone gets angry at you then, at an energetic level, you are stealing their energy!

If you have ever wondered why some people seem to constantly create strong emotional responses in those around them, you should now understand why. Either knowingly or otherwise, they are effectively acting as energy vampires, feeding off the emotional energy they are able to generate. Watch carefully how the situations in your life unfold and you will soon begin to recognise these energy exchanges taking place.

Once you recognise what is going on, you can take back control of your emotions and choose how you will respond. With this simple concept you can easily counter the endless situations or people that have triggered your anger in the past and caused you to react in an unhealthy manner.

Just imagine how much better you will feel when you choose not to react to negative people or situations. How many times in the past have you shouted abuse at another car driver and still felt the anger in your stomach an hour or so later? That person stole your energy. You allowed them to cause you stress, anger and probably indigestion. Only one person came out of this confrontation with their energy intact and it wasn’t you!

Anger is undoubtedly a difficult emotion to process but learning to take a step back from the situation and recognising it as an attempt to rob you of your energy will definitely give you the edge. Remember, anger is a choice. This precept reminds you not to allow your energy to be stolen from you by negative people or situations. Keep it close to you and work with it on a daily basis. It is very powerful.

Just For Today I Will Do My Work Honestly

What does this principle mean to you?

For instance, many people might feel it OK to take home a few pens or some paper from their work; after all, the company can afford to lose a few items of stationery without it really mattering. Another person will judge the same incident as an act of theft and believe that anyone found stealing stationery should face instant dismissal or even criminal charges.

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What about those people who coast through the day and do the bare minimum to get by? They show very little interest in their work and happily throw ‘sickies’ whenever they want another day off. Are they doing their work honestly? Clearly not.

There is however, an expanded understanding of this principle that is closer to its true meaning. Your role here on earth is extremely important. What you do and how you live makes a difference because ultimately, everything matters. Doing your work honestly is therefore not just job related. It is a call to live with integrity in every area of your life and make the best of your specific talents and aptitudes. Leading a life where you are not honouring your dreams and talents is fundamentally dishonest. Remaining true to your heart and soul in this way gives you a sense of spiritual wholeness.

In your heart, you know when you are being honest. In your life, feelings of dissatisfaction can be your body’s way of showing you that you are not being honest with yourself. So, ask yourself ‘What is the impact I am here to make?’  Make sure you are honouring yourself by following your dreams; remember these are a reflection of what the universe really wants for you. This precept is not really about your job but it is about the Job you are here to do. Be honest with yourself on this.

Just For Today I Will Give Thanks For My Many Blessings

At a human level we tend to see the events of our lives as either good or bad. We gravitate towards towards those that make us happy and away from those that cause suffering.

Life however tends to give us what we need, not necessarily what we want. At a spiritual level we receive what we need to grow and learn; if we grasp these lessons and grow accordingly we become more enlightened beings. So, instead of wasting time complaining about all the things that have happened and all the problems we face, we should realise that everything serves us and acts for our highest good. Our soul recognises every event as an opportunity to strengthen and learn.

“Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.“ – Lao Tzu

This gives us the true power of this precept and represents a level of understanding way beyond a simple appreciation for the many good ‘things’ that we have in our lives. When we learn to say ‘Thank You’ for whatever happens we are demonstrating absolute trust in the universe and an acceptance of our place in it. To repeat: nothing that happens can harm us. Once we realise this, we are completely free to live our life with insight and wisdom.

Just For Today I Will Be Kind to My Neighbour and Every Living Thing

There is a fundamental understanding behind all our work, one that is key to unlocking this particular precept. Contrary to the generally held belief that we are separate from the world around us, modern quantum science seems to be painting a very different picture of reality. It seems that we are all part of a vast interconnected web of energy and it impossible to separate ourselves from the rest of this existence. There is no separation and this awareness means that whatever we do to others we are actually doing to ourselves.

This is the true meaning of karma; whatever we put out into life will come back to us because there is only one life. When we send out love we will receive love back in return. When we send out kindness we will receive kindness. Send out healing and we receive healing. Karma is a two edge sword though, so the opposite is also true: if we send out negativity we will get back negative results.

It therefore makes showing kindness and compassion for all life essentially an act of self-love and the only sensible approach to take. Living within this precept will lead to a happier and less stressful life, one full of joy, peace and love.

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Living The Precepts

The simplicity of these precepts should not be confused with their efficacy. Each of these principle builds on the others and the collective effect can be life changing. When we are not worrying or being angry and are grateful for our life and work, we will naturally be a kind person.

Nobody expects that you’ll follow these principles 24/7; the repeated call of ‘Just For Today’ reminds us to live in the present, but equally recognises that we are all human and will fail at times. The important thing is to remember that the slate starts clean again tomorrow!

Ultimately, we have a choice. We can choose to live a life of peace and satisfaction or we can choose the opposite. The Reiki Five Principles give us a valuable framework around which we can build a happy, enlightened and spiritually satisfying life.

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Reiki Self Healing Techniques – Do They Work?

How we ‘heal’ at all is something of a mystery. Why is it that one person will be healed by a visit to the doctor and a prescription for some drugs, while another will not benefit at all? Or, another might gain their health back through a course in acupuncture while someone else would find it complete a waste of time and money? And that is before we get into those medical anomalies of people healing after taking nothing more than placebos, or those who gained spontaneous and complete remission from life threatening cancer after undertaking a period of detoxification or meditation.

Healing Begins Within

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We are the common denominator of our own health or wellness, and I suspect we are central to our own healing too. I am not talking about structural injuries where we need a leg set after a serious break or surgery for injuries received in a car crash or bad fall – for these we would almost certainly benefit from the skill of the doctors attending us. But for those health conditions that so often creep up on us over a period of several years, where perhaps lifestyle or diet choices play havoc with our body systems, I suspect we have far more power and control than we often believe.

At Universal Energy Healing we believe that all healing begins from within. In fact, we would suggest that no one can heal you without your consent or participation in the process. Perhaps this explains why different healing modalities work for different people but no one modality seems to work for everyone.

How Does Reiki Healing Work

So, how do Reiki self-healing techniques fit into this framework and why do we believe they offer a powerful way for people to regain their health and well being?

First and foremost, Reiki is far more than just a ‘sticking plaster’ solution to a specific malady. When you have a headache you might take a pill that relieves the symptoms but probably does nothing to help the root cause of your dis-ease. Although you might feel better in the short term, it is likely that your headache will return at a later time.

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In contrast, Reiki provides us with a model of what it means to be fully human. I say ‘model’ because we have no way of knowing whether this model corresponds to reality exactly, or whether it is a close approximation to something that can never be entirely captured by words. It can be experienced and lived though, and it is in the living of it that its true magic can be felt. In the Reiki model we talk about the whole person (body, mind and spirit), recognising that problems that manifest in our body are often the result of causes that exist in other areas of our total system.

Reiki is an Understanding Not a Treatment

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When you go to a good Reiki practitioner for a treatment you should actually be taught the full Reiki model; effectively you are learning Reiki rather than being treated by Reiki. You may feel the effects of Reiki through the hands of the practitioner you are working with, and this may help you to understand what Reiki is about, but it is you who will decide whether to connect to Reiki or not. Remember, all healing begins from within!

As you gain an understanding of what Reiki is about you will probably find that you are making changes in many areas of your life. Each of these changes builds to take you to a place of health and well being which lies far beyond your original reason for seeking out a Reiki healer. This brings us full circle to our original question, do Reiki self healing techniques work?

The answer is simply, it depends. If all you do is follow the self treatment hand positions as in the graphic on this page, then I doubt very much that you will receive any benefit at all. On the other hand, if you buy into the Reiki model we have spoken about, and understand how the hand positions relate to that model, then you will almost certainly feel much greater benefits from these Reiki self treatment techniques.

What is Reiki About?

A new philosophy, a way of life, is not given for nothing. It has to be paid dearly for and only acquired with much patience and great effort –  Fyodor Dostoyevsky

In essence, the Reiki model is actually quite simple but, unfortunately, simple doesn’t necessarily mean easy! It is built on three pillars of understanding:

  • That we are energetic beings with bodies who have forgotten our connection to the source of all.
  • That by reconnecting with the source energy we can restore our mind-body system to complete balance and harmony.
  • That it is possible to direct and channel source energy through our intention.

That’s it, although a quick search around the Internet may make it sound vastly more complex that that. Unfortunately, much that should be freely available for the benefit of all, has become veiled in either an ego driven, or a money driven, shroud of secrets and mystery. This is as sad as it is unnecessary and clearly shows that humans are capable of screwing up pretty well everything; especially an enlightened view on health and well being.

We believe that this knowledge should be available for the greater good of all and one of our goals is to make the philosophy behind Universal Energy Healing available for everyone. We are not just talking about healing specific medical conditions either. The search for a solution to a particular problem may be the reason why you arrived here, but I would hope that you can now see that the self-healing we are discussing is far more than just this. We are looking at righting the root cause(s) behind all our various maladies.

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Energy Healing Courses Online

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Energy Healing has been practised by all cultures at all times throughout history. It might in fact be our oldest form of healing and perhaps is a throw back to a time when the human race was much more in touch with its true nature. Somehow, something became lost as humans developed into modern man; with our scientific world view and technological superiority we believe that we have mastered all knowledge, leaving no room for the beliefs of this older spirituality. Like our childhood beliefs in Father Christmas and the Tooth Fairy we believe we have grown beyond such a ‘simple’ understanding of our world.

This is a classic case of ‘throwing the baby out with the bathwater’ and completely disenfranchises us from our connection to the source of all existence. If the programme we our running in our brain doesn’t allow for the possibility of energy healing then no amount of evidence or personal testimonies will convince us otherwise. So, perhaps the first prerequisite as we explore energy healing courses online is to have an open mind.

Developing the Correct Mindset

Our starting point on this is the acceptance of 3 basic possibilities:

  1. That solid matter and energy are two aspects of the same fundamental energetic fabric of our universe.
  2. That we exist in, come from and will return to this same energetic source energy
  3. That we can control and direct this underlying universal energy through our focused intention.

Modern Quantum Physics seems to be saying exactly this. Particles can exist either as a wave or a particle (solid or energy), can communicate with other particles instantly across vast distances (possible only if they are not ‘separate’ in any way but part of the same vast energy matrix), and appear to be at the mercy of our conscious attention (scientist now realise that the act of observing our world seems to effect matter in some fundamental way).

If we accept that reality is in fact far ‘stranger’ then our high school science would generally have us believe then we are in a better place mentally and emotionally for considering the merits of energy healing.

Beware the Charlatans

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A word of warning though; when you’re looking for energy healing courses online remember that not all courses are created equal! Either driven by ego or the desire for financial gain there are a lot of charlatans out there. Spotting these is actually easier than you might think. Firstly, use your intuitive feelings about the words you are reading and the images you are seeing. Intuition is a valuable skill and comes to us from outside our conscious ‘thinking’ mind. In itself, it is never wrong and our ability to capture its guidance can be greatly improved by paying attention to its quiet voice within. Like any personal skill, the more we use it the more reliable it becomes. One of our guiding principles is the simple command to ‘Develop intuitive judgement and understanding for all things’. There is a part of you that will recognise whether you are being conned or not; go with that feeling.

Look also at the price. Does it seem reasonable to you or somewhat extortionate? A worker is always worth their wages – even healers have to feed their families and pay their mortgage! However, we have seen many so called ‘energy healers’ who seem to prey on the vulnerability and need of the person coming to them and charge fees that can politely be described as ‘somewhat high’.

Many courses seem also to rely on the magical healing skills of the individual selling the course. It is as though they are the sole holders of some secret knowledge or skill, but will of course share that with you for a price. We see this a lot in one of the healing modalities that we work with, Reiki. There are Reiki levels to be worked through, secret symbols to be learned and special Attunements to be undergone. Of course, only the Reiki Master can teach you this knowledge and attune you to the power of the universe. Nonsense! We are all part of the energy matrix that makes up reality and we don’t specifically need to do anything special to tap into it, except perhaps to give ourselves permission to accept its existence.

Your Truth Lies Within

The truth is that no one can heal you – you can only heal yourself. All any healer can do is to lead you to a realisation of this one simple fact. They may open your mind to things you have forgotten and help you to experience what is freely available to you at all times – connection and energy – but that is it. Once you start to recognise this for yourself you are on the road to being healed. Healing is often no more than a clearing of your own thinking processes, effectively rebooting your mind and body to a more natural and harmonious way of operating.

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A good online healing course will take you through the process that allows you to direct your own healing but it cannot do the healing for you. It is vital that you understand this. If you do not then you are simply setting yourself up for disappointment and failure. Hopefully, armed with this information you are better placed to make a judgement about the online energy healing courses you are looking at. Remember: develop intuitive judgement and understanding for everything; of course that includes our words too!

Thanks for stopping by. Remember, whatever course you eventually choose there is no magic outside of our own self. All healing stems from within. If you are interested in taking this further our online Reiki course will be available by the end of March 2017. Please sign up to our monthly newsletter ‘Confessions of a Misguided Monk‘ for notification of when it is available or email me directly at  Please, keep in touch. Share a comment or questions and I will get back to you. Click here to read The Big Idea – it may help you to understand more about our healing philosophy.

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Does Reiki Distance Healing Work?

Does Reiki Distant Healing Work

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It is one thing going to a Reiki therapist to receive a ‘hands on’ treatment where you are able to tell them your problem and directly experience the energy work that they do with you. We are so used to visiting healers of all kinds; whether it be the doctors, dentist or a chiropractor, we recognise that this face to face contact seems an almost essential prerequisite for healing to take place.

It is quite another to consider that the same level of healing can occur without any direct contact between the healer and the patient. It seems counter-intuitive that healing could actually take place from a distance and yet this is exactly what many Reiki practitioners claim to be able to do. This, of course, raises a very serious question: Does Reiki distance healing work?

The Strange World of Quantum Physics

To understand how this might be possible we need to explore the view of ‘reality’ that comes from modern science, particularly Quantum Physics. For those of us schooled in the standard Newtonian world view, this new paradigm can certainly come as something of a shock. Just as Alice found her world got stranger the further down the rabbit hole she went, so a quantum understanding can challenge pretty well everything that we accept as ‘normal’.

When we drill down to the smallest sub-atomic levels it seems as though the solid matter of everyday experience may actually not be solid at all. Quantum energy, the energy of atomic and sub-atomic particles, seems to behave almost magically, existing as both a wave and a particle, depending on whether it is observed or not. It seems as though there is something about consciousness that may directly effect this quantum energy.

At this level ‘solid matter’ may be much more of a myth that we commonly recognise. It seems as though matter may in fact come into existence out of a field or matrix of energy that lies behind all existence. This search for a ‘unified field theory’ is currently the Holy Grail of many scientists and projects like the Large Hadron Collider in Europe are part of this search for a model that can explain how all the energies in our universe interact.

Quantum Science and Spiritual Teachings

It is at this point that the message of science and many of the great spiritual teachers from the past seem to merge together. The existence of this field of energy implies that the energies of everyone and everything is in fact connected as we all appear out of the same source. In essence, nothing is ‘separate’ at all. This is just an illusion brought on by an incomplete understanding of how reality works.

Everything is energy! This of course includes our body and our consciousness. Research shows that we have fields of energy emanating from our bodies that expand beyond the limit of our physical body. All these energy fields contain information and when we tap into the unified field of energetic information, our bodies sometimes receive information as non-local intuitions.

Intuition – Tapping the Energy Field

Have you ever been sitting in a pub or a restaurant and known that someone was staring at you? When you instinctively look up, sure enough there they are. How did you know this with so much certainty?

Soldiers in battle often dive for cover a split second before a bullet smacks into the wall they were standing against moments before. How did they know they were in danger? Is it possible that under the heightened stresses of battle they are more open to communication from the field of energy than they would normally be? Clearly something has happened; instances of such events are too common to be put down to luck.

When we understand that consciousness is not confined to our body but extends into the energy matrix that is the real ‘reality’, these, and many other paranormal experiences, become much easier to connect. By aligning the energy of our consciousness with the energy of the unified field, we can have access to abilities that are actually perfectly natural yet border on the miraculous to the uninitiated.

The Illusion of Distance

This returns us directly to our question, does Reiki distance healing work? The truth is that there is no distance or separation, because we are all part of the same energy field and the ‘healing’ is to recognise this simple fact. By focusing our intent on another, whether they are with us or not, we open them up to possibilities that they may not previously have considered. Once they too recognise their own fundamental connection to source energy, healing in the full sense of the word will follow.

Experienced Reiki practitioners will have recognised their own connection to this source energy and will have helped many others obtain the same insight. It is the focused attention and will of the practitioner that facilitates the healing changes in the recipient. They ‘healer’ leads until the ‘patient’ is able to take full responsibility for their own healing.

Does Reiki distance healing work? Why not try it with an open mind and experience Reiki for yourself.

Thanks for stopping by, I wish you all the best as you research your own path to health. Please, keep in touch. Share a comment or questions and I will get back to you. Click here to read The Big Idea – it may help you to understand our healing philosophy.

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What is Reiki?

 (c) Can Stock Photo / Nikki24

(c) Can Stock Photo / Nikki24

Reiki is a Japanese spiritual practice that promotes healing, either for yourself or for other people. The healing powers of the technique are based on the idea that there is an unseen ‘life force energy’ (what we call Universal Energy) that is the ultimate source of everything in the created universe. Not only does this energy represent the source of our existence but it also flows through each person, animating them and keeping them alive. When our life force energy is low or the flow is constricted, we get sick or feel weak. If our life force is high, we feel healthy and happy.

The name Reiki is taken from two Japanese characters that describe energy itself. The word ‘rei’, means ‘unseen’ or ‘spiritual’ and ‘ki’ which means ‘energy’ or ‘life force’. When combined it become Reiki – in English, its meaning is usually given as ‘universal life energy’.

Modern Reiki was founded by Mikao Usui who lived in Japan from 1865-1926. His story is surrounded by some myth but it seems as though he received the ability of healing after going through three weeks of fasting and meditating on top of Mount Kurama. He studied extensively many ancient healing texts, so it is very likely that Reiki is actually a ‘rediscovery’ rather than something new.

Reiki healers use a technique similar to that of laying on of hands. This action is said to promote the channelling of universal energy which flows through the palms and moves to those areas within the ‘patient’ that require balancing. It is important to understand that this healing power can be used for self-treatment as well as for treating others. Interestingly, Reiki works whether the student believes it or not.

Reiki is beautifully simple, both to learn and apply. It feels very natural. As a therapy it has proved beneficial in treating virtually every known physical, emotional, and mental disease. It also provides an ‘alternative’ approach that works well when combined with more traditional medical or therapeutic techniques; specifically, it can help to relieve the side effects of medication and promote a speedier recovery.

Reiki and the ability to use it effectively, cannot be taught in the usual sense. The skill is said to be ‘transferred’ to the student during a Reiki class. After the skill has been passed on, it allows the student to tap into an unlimited supply of ‘life force energy’ that can then be used to improve health and enhance the quality of their life.

Practising Reiki also has an added beneficial effect – that of spiritual healing. However, although Reiki may be spiritual in nature, it is certainly not considered a religion. There are no set of beliefs or specific dogma that one has to adhere to to practice Reiki. That said, it does offer a pathway that helps to develop and promote harmonious living with others. Aside from practising Reiki and its principles, Mikao Usui also recommends the practise of simple ethical ideals that can lead to peace and harmony among people.

Getting to know Reiki can be very powerful. Not only does it help people become a healing channel for themselves and others, but it also promotes peace and harmonious living amongst all people.

Thanks for stopping by. Please leave a comment below if you have and thoughts or questions about Reiki. If you would like to find out more about our way of teaching Reiki, our online course will be available by the end of March 2017. Please sign up to our mailing list to receive notification of its launch. You may find reading The Big Idea will give you more information about our teaching philosophy.

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