Reiki Self Healing Techniques – Do They Work?

How we ‘heal’ at all is something of a mystery. Why is it that one person will be healed by a visit to the doctor and a prescription for some drugs, while another will not benefit at all? Or, another might gain their health back through a course in acupuncture while someone else would find it complete a waste of time and money? And that is before we get into those medical anomalies of people healing after taking nothing more than placebos, or those who gained spontaneous and complete remission from life threatening cancer after undertaking a period of detoxification or meditation.

Healing Begins Within

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We are the common denominator of our own health or wellness, and I suspect we are central to our own healing too. I am not talking about structural injuries where we need a leg set after a serious break or surgery for injuries received in a car crash or bad fall – for these we would almost certainly benefit from the skill of the doctors attending us. But for those health conditions that so often creep up on us over a period of several years, where perhaps lifestyle or diet choices play havoc with our body systems, I suspect we have far more power and control than we often believe.

At Universal Energy Healing we believe that all healing begins from within. In fact, we would suggest that no one can heal you without your consent or participation in the process. Perhaps this explains why different healing modalities work for different people but no one modality seems to work for everyone.

How Does Reiki Healing Work

So, how do Reiki self-healing techniques fit into this framework and why do we believe they offer a powerful way for people to regain their health and well being?

First and foremost, Reiki is far more than just a ‘sticking plaster’ solution to a specific malady. When you have a headache you might take a pill that relieves the symptoms but probably does nothing to help the root cause of your dis-ease. Although you might feel better in the short term, it is likely that your headache will return at a later time.

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In contrast, Reiki provides us with a model of what it means to be fully human. I say ‘model’ because we have no way of knowing whether this model corresponds to reality exactly, or whether it is a close approximation to something that can never be entirely captured by words. It can be experienced and lived though, and it is in the living of it that its true magic can be felt. In the Reiki model we talk about the whole person (body, mind and spirit), recognising that problems that manifest in our body are often the result of causes that exist in other areas of our total system.

Reiki is an Understanding Not a Treatment

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When you go to a good Reiki practitioner for a treatment you should actually be taught the full Reiki model; effectively you are learning Reiki rather than being treated by Reiki. You may feel the effects of Reiki through the hands of the practitioner you are working with, and this may help you to understand what Reiki is about, but it is you who will decide whether to connect to Reiki or not. Remember, all healing begins from within!

As you gain an understanding of what Reiki is about you will probably find that you are making changes in many areas of your life. Each of these changes builds to take you to a place of health and well being which lies far beyond your original reason for seeking out a Reiki healer. This brings us full circle to our original question, do Reiki self healing techniques work?

The answer is simply, it depends. If all you do is follow the self treatment hand positions as in the graphic on this page, then I doubt very much that you will receive any benefit at all. On the other hand, if you buy into the Reiki model we have spoken about, and understand how the hand positions relate to that model, then you will almost certainly feel much greater benefits from these Reiki self treatment techniques.

What is Reiki About?

A new philosophy, a way of life, is not given for nothing. It has to be paid dearly for and only acquired with much patience and great effort –  Fyodor Dostoyevsky

In essence, the Reiki model is actually quite simple but, unfortunately, simple doesn’t necessarily mean easy! It is built on three pillars of understanding:

  • That we are energetic beings with bodies who have forgotten our connection to the source of all.
  • That by reconnecting with the source energy we can restore our mind-body system to complete balance and harmony.
  • That it is possible to direct and channel source energy through our intention.

That’s it, although a quick search around the Internet may make it sound vastly more complex that that. Unfortunately, much that should be freely available for the benefit of all, has become veiled in either an ego driven, or a money driven, shroud of secrets and mystery. This is as sad as it is unnecessary and clearly shows that humans are capable of screwing up pretty well everything; especially an enlightened view on health and well being.

We believe that this knowledge should be available for the greater good of all and one of our goals is to make the philosophy behind Universal Energy Healing available for everyone. We are not just talking about healing specific medical conditions either. The search for a solution to a particular problem may be the reason why you arrived here, but I would hope that you can now see that the self-healing we are discussing is far more than just this. We are looking at righting the root cause(s) behind all our various maladies.

Thanks for stopping by. Remember, all healing stems from within. If you are interested in finding out more about the Reiki model we have spoken about then our online course will be available by the end of March 2017. Please sign up to our monthly newsletter ‘Confessions of a Misguided Monk‘ for notification of when it is available or email me directly at  Please, keep in touch. Share a comment or questions and I will get back to you. Click here to read The Big Idea – it may help you to understand more about our healing philosophy.

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13 thoughts on “Reiki Self Healing Techniques – Do They Work?

  1. Thanks for your article. Actually I experience a headache for more than an hour now. Usually I would take another pill whenever I have a headache or a fever or when I feel sick. However, I told myself that if I continue to do that, when I will get older the body will get used to the pills and it won’t have the same efficiency anymore. Reiki sounds like a better alternative to that and I’ll definitely invest more time looking into it. Thank you for your article!

    • It’s certainly a more comprehensive alternative that looks after the whole person – to use a buzzword it is holistic in nature. The big downside is that you have to learn it and apply it as a working philosophy and that takes time and effort. It is a lot easier to pop a pill. Long term that may not be the best solution though.

  2. Health and well-being is a mystery indeed. To make matters worse, our best medical minds barely understand the human body at all.

    That’s evident in the seemingly generous and incessant prescribing of anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medication that seems so pervasive in the medical community today.

    My own brother went to a doctor with some pretty specific symptoms. He was diagnosed with anxiety.

    The next day his body started shutting down, and he ended up in the emergency room.

    Later that day he was diagnosed with Type-I Diabetes.

    That seems inexcusable to me, but kind of drives the point home that our health and well-being is our responsibility.

    I’ve also had a great deal of mysterious healing that I myself have witnessed simply by changing my diet, and my attitude.

    I’m excited to learn more about Reiki! Will your course include videos? Will it be akin to a “learn at your own pace”, or will it be interactive?

    Thanks for the clarity you provided without all the “money squawk”,


    • Many thanks for your comment Jack – your story echoed so much of our message. In terms of our course it will definitely include video sections (that’s the bit that is taking the time!) as well as interactive sections. Please keep in touch and I will let you know when it is complete.

  3. I always think Reiki is a treatment but it is so much more than that. I am actually very against drug using and would love to try this. Do you think how much time to pass in order to learn the model of Reiki properly?

    • Hi Furkan – many thanks for your comment. Really difficult to answer how much time is involved – the basic concept is quite easy to understand but hard to live consistently. It is something that requires time and focus to really integrate into your life; in fact, I would say it is something that requires a life long commitment.

  4. This sounds a little like the lightning process where you teach yourself to think positive and say ”I am feeling well” instead of ”I am feeling sick.” I’ve tried it a little and it works to a certain extent. I have not been able to completely heal my condition with positive thinking unfortunately and I’m not perfect!

    • I’ve come across a lot of positive thinking type approaches and I think there is a fundamental difference between Reiki and these. With positive thinking you are always working from inside yourself – it is ‘you’ who is trying to manage your thinking processes and re-programme your mind to be positive. In Reiki you realise that thoughts are random processes of the brain – mental noise if you like – they come and go and can’t really be controlled in any way. The trick is not to take too much notice of them.

      With Reiki you except that are true nature is much bigger than our mental processes alone and we work to establish a connection with our source. As we connect more and more we learn to ignore our mental back chat more and more and live from a place of balance and harmony.

      As for being perfect – no one is! In Reiki there is a level called Reiki Master. I hate that as it gives totally the wrong impression of what Reiki is about. Unfortunately, many Reiki practitioners get off on this status as though they know some secret that no one else does! I much prefer the idea that there are students and master students of Reiki. We are all on the same path – just some are further along than others. No one is ‘better’ than anyone else though.

  5. This is great! Very informative article and fun to read, too. I especially like the suggestion that “No one can heal you without your consent or participation in the process”. How true! Reiki is such an incredible healing modality, but just like you said, without belief in the process as well as focus on the energy in your hands and body, it won’t have much effect.
    Thanks for creating this article!

    • Many thanks for your comment Briana. I’m glad you found the post informative and helpful. Reiki (or whatever we choose to call it) is very much a philosophy to be lived and experienced. It’s amazing what happens when you do take it on board.

  6. Hello Steve, thank you for this Reiki Self-healing post. There are so many alternatives to the body and soul destroying ‘treatments’ that most of the world is hooked on. We just need to become aware of them by you and others doing what you are doing here. As you give simple and clear information, over time, the ‘penny will drop’ and more people will awaken to the realization that there are better ways to treat our bodies.

    For those who chose to go this healing way of Reiki, yes it may take time to master the techniques. But what a pay off – having the skills and techniques to maintain your own health within you for life! How does that compare to the time spent acquiring the skill? 🙂

    This is a point on which we differ Steve, I do believe we can control our thoughts. We have not been educated that we can and so we have accepted that. We can bring every thought captive so they serve rather than hurt us. They too are energy, and all energy can be changed.

    • That’s a really interesting point EJ about thoughts being energy too. You are of course right – my only comment would be that we can safely ignore a majority of our thoughts as nothing more than background noise. My old martial arts instructor use to talk about Captain Paranoia sitting on our shoulder bending our ear all the time! There are thoughts that we do want to focus and direct though – agree with you 100% on that. I think that is what we do when we focus on channelling energy to another person or into our own bodies to heal. Great response though – gave me lots to think about.

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