Most Medicines Don’t Cure!

One of the great things about the Internet is starting out on a fairly random surf and suddenly coming across a site that really resonates with your own work. Finding Tracy Kolenchuk’s site ‘Healthicine‘ was definitely one such encounter. You say ‘healthicine’ as you would say ‘medicine’ and Tracy’s basic philosophy is that we should be concentrating on activities that promote health rather than taking medicines that treat only symptoms.

Somewhat incredulously, most medicines make no claim to cure! This statement certainly makes one sit up and take note so we have included a link to Tracy’s full article below. Definitely a very thought provoking read, particularly as he goes into the lack of the word ‘cure’ in modern medicine. One line in particular really stands out: Most medicines treat diseases, but do not cure. Most medicines are marketed with the mantra “learn to live with your disease”. 

Read the article here and please share your thoughts on it below.

Most Medicines Make No Attempt to Cure

Most medicines make no claim to cure. Most medicines simply do not cure. Does this surprise you? It’s a statement easily verified, even by a novice. Let’s look at some ways to test, and prove it. First, walk over to you medicine cabinet. Take out each of the medicines.

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