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Energy Healing has been practised by all cultures at all times throughout history. It might in fact be our oldest form of healing and perhaps is a throw back to a time when the human race was much more in touch with its true nature. Somehow, something became lost as humans developed into modern man; with our scientific world view and technological superiority we believe that we have mastered all knowledge, leaving no room for the beliefs of this older spirituality. Like our childhood beliefs in Father Christmas and the Tooth Fairy we believe we have grown beyond such a ‘simple’ understanding of our world.

This is a classic case of ‘throwing the baby out with the bathwater’ and completely disenfranchises us from our connection to the source of all existence. If the programme we our running in our brain doesn’t allow for the possibility of energy healing then no amount of evidence or personal testimonies will convince us otherwise. So, perhaps the first prerequisite as we explore energy healing courses online is to have an open mind.

Developing the Correct Mindset

Our starting point on this is the acceptance of 3 basic possibilities:

  1. That solid matter and energy are two aspects of the same fundamental energetic fabric of our universe.
  2. That we exist in, come from and will return to this same energetic source energy
  3. That we can control and direct this underlying universal energy through our focused intention.

Modern Quantum Physics seems to be saying exactly this. Particles can exist either as a wave or a particle (solid or energy), can communicate with other particles instantly across vast distances (possible only if they are not ‘separate’ in any way but part of the same vast energy matrix), and appear to be at the mercy of our conscious attention (scientist now realise that the act of observing our world seems to effect matter in some fundamental way).

If we accept that reality is in fact far ‘stranger’ then our high school science would generally have us believe then we are in a better place mentally and emotionally for considering the merits of energy healing.

Beware the Charlatans

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A word of warning though; when you’re looking for energy healing courses online remember that not all courses are created equal! Either driven by ego or the desire for financial gain there are a lot of charlatans out there. Spotting these is actually easier than you might think. Firstly, use your intuitive feelings about the words you are reading and the images you are seeing. Intuition is a valuable skill and comes to us from outside our conscious ‘thinking’ mind. In itself, it is never wrong and our ability to capture its guidance can be greatly improved by paying attention to its quiet voice within. Like any personal skill, the more we use it the more reliable it becomes. One of our guiding principles is the simple command to ‘Develop intuitive judgement and understanding for all things’. There is a part of you that will recognise whether you are being conned or not; go with that feeling.

Look also at the price. Does it seem reasonable to you or somewhat extortionate? A worker is always worth their wages – even healers have to feed their families and pay their mortgage! However, we have seen many so called ‘energy healers’ who seem to prey on the vulnerability and need of the person coming to them and charge fees that can politely be described as ‘somewhat high’.

Many courses seem also to rely on the magical healing skills of the individual selling the course. It is as though they are the sole holders of some secret knowledge or skill, but will of course share that with you for a price. We see this a lot in one of the healing modalities that we work with, Reiki. There are Reiki levels to be worked through, secret symbols to be learned and special Attunements to be undergone. Of course, only the Reiki Master can teach you this knowledge and attune you to the power of the universe. Nonsense! We are all part of the energy matrix that makes up reality and we don’t specifically need to do anything special to tap into it, except perhaps to give ourselves permission to accept its existence.

Your Truth Lies Within

The truth is that no one can heal you – you can only heal yourself. All any healer can do is to lead you to a realisation of this one simple fact. They may open your mind to things you have forgotten and help you to experience what is freely available to you at all times – connection and energy – but that is it. Once you start to recognise this for yourself you are on the road to being healed. Healing is often no more than a clearing of your own thinking processes, effectively rebooting your mind and body to a more natural and harmonious way of operating.

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A good online healing course will take you through the process that allows you to direct your own healing but it cannot do the healing for you. It is vital that you understand this. If you do not then you are simply setting yourself up for disappointment and failure. Hopefully, armed with this information you are better placed to make a judgement about the online energy healing courses you are looking at. Remember: develop intuitive judgement and understanding for everything; of course that includes our words too!

Thanks for stopping by. Remember, whatever course you eventually choose there is no magic outside of our own self. All healing stems from within. If you are interested in taking this further our online Reiki course will be available by the end of March 2017. Please sign up to our monthly newsletter ‘Confessions of a Misguided Monk‘ for notification of when it is available or email me directly at  Please, keep in touch. Share a comment or questions and I will get back to you. Click here to read The Big Idea – it may help you to understand more about our healing philosophy.

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14 thoughts on “Energy Healing Courses Online

  1. Really great information on energy healing and the course you recommend sounds like a perfect one to use. I had never heard of this before, but I can see where I would benefit from it. Anything to help heal the mind, soul and body is always good. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. You are exactly right this process start with yourself. I read lots of thing about quantum physics in my engineering school and it exactly say what you say and I think I will have a look at online Reiki course.

  3. I do believe that all things created pertain to the same substance. Therefore, you’d better treat your fellow brother the way you want to be treated cause the way you treat him is, in fact, exactly how you treat yourself.

    Saying that unleashing energy creates life circumstances is a powerful statement. It means that we are all directly responsible for how we fare. Some might be born worst off and in need of more healing, but we must all account for how we manage our lot.

    • Really appreciate your comments PA. You have hit the nail on the head with your comment about treating others well, As we are all part of the same energy field there is no separation or is and them. When we hurt others we hurt ourselves.

  4. Hi Steve,

    Great post. As you say – no one else can heal you but yourself. So true. Our physical body is so much more than flesh and bone. That amazing, mystical and invisible thing called energy is really what life is.

    Love your website and all you write about. The course sounds great, signed up for your newsletter.



    • Hi Kevin – many thanks for taking the time to write and I appreciate your words greatly. Agreed – all healing begins with the individual. Unfortunately, so many people believe others will mend them and hand over their responsibility, and with it their power, to others. Appreciate you joining our newsletter.

  5. Hello Steve, thanks for the article. The more people promote energy healing, (natural, wholesome healing), without side effects the better. This should become a part of every physician’s training. But that may be a while yet for obvious reasons! 😉 In the meantime, thanks for using the internet to awaken more people to what is available.

    Thanks also for helping to ‘sorting out’ the real from the phony. People do not need any more hurt and pain. It is time for healing, and there are so many different safe ways.

    • Many thanks for your post EJ – I really appreciate your words. I agree that everyone should become familiar with these alternative healing modalities – including doctors. We are so much more than machines that need a part changing or something repairing. We are beings of body, mind and spirit and until we work out how to heal the whole person we will not achieve real wellness.

  6. Thanks for enlightening me on this great course and lifestyle. I have to admit I feel a bit dumb when you stated that this has been around for centuries. This is the first I’ve heard of Energy Healing. Really well done and thanks for this great post on a really great topic.
    Peace, Peter!

    • Thanks for your comment Peter. I guess when people prey for someone who is unwell this is a form of distance energy healing too. All we are doing is looking at the process behind this and trying to make it available to anyone – irrespective of their religious allegiance.

  7. Thank you for this information with us, I think you will be so beneficial. Such a good post and research on health that I never thought about before. I’m looking forward to reading more about it.

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