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What is EFT?

The Emotional Freedom Technique (or ‘Tapping’ as it is often known) represents a quantum jump in terms of self healing. If you are fed up with the idea of simply throwing medication at a health problem, then I would certainly recommend that you investigate this healing modality.

I learned to my cost that the medication that doctors prescribe can often have some very unpleasant side effects. The proton-pump inhibitor that I was prescribed for excess stomach acid seemed to cause a reaction in every joint in my body. I basically seized up! Although I have no absolute proof that the two events were connected, there is a lot of hearsay evidence online and as soon as I decided to stop taking the pills, my body started to recover. In my mind this was too much to be just a coincidence.

EFT is one of several natural healing techniques that are far less invasive than any traditional medical treatments. It is extremely effective, requires no doctors or medicine and can be performed on yourself just about anywhere and at any time. For many, the results of EFT can be nothing short of astounding.

Defining EFT

Emotional Freedom Techniques work on an idea that is repeated throughout these pages:

  • When our body’s natural energy system is disrupted, blocked or imbalanced, our emotional state is disturbed.
  • This can lead to mental and physical problems as well as emotional issues; when our emotional state is unhealthy, our body’s ability to heal itself is reduced.

(c) Can Stock Photo / Amaviael

The tapping sequences of EFT act to reset the natural flow of energy in our body, restoring our immune system and emotions to healthy states. In this way, EFT is a natural healing tool that is recognised as an effective treatment for almost any emotional, mental or physical condition.

I have found EFT to be a principle that has grown as my understanding and practice of it deepens. It seems that there is very little that cannot be tapped away! EFT allows us to tune into the cause of a particular problem, whether it be physical, emotional or mental and, by stimulating certain meridian points, restore our life force energy to a healthy and balanced state.

Thousands of years ago ancient Chinese masters discovered that the human body functions because of a powerful energy which flows through all living things. Called ‘Chi’, this life force was fundamental to our health and well-being. When we are feeling grumpy, tired, weak or sick, it is because the flow of this energy has been disturbed or blocked.

Tapping is a deceptively simple physical process. By lightly tapping our fingertip on different points on our body as we focus on a particular problem or issue, we signal our body-mind to balance our energy flow. This in turn allows our body to effectively heal itself.

Find out more

EFT has proven an effective healing technique for a huge variety of mental and physical health issues, often those that have not responded positively to other, more traditional, treatments. You can learn more about the power of EFT by downloading my free introductory booklet from tappingforhealth.net.