Does Reiki Distance Healing Work?

Does Reiki Distant Healing Work

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It is one thing going to a Reiki therapist to receive a ‘hands on’ treatment where you are able to tell them your problem and directly experience the energy work that they do with you. We are so used to visiting healers of all kinds; whether it be the doctors, dentist or a chiropractor, we recognise that this face to face contact seems an almost essential prerequisite for healing to take place.

It is quite another to consider that the same level of healing can occur without any direct contact between the healer and the patient. It seems counter-intuitive that healing could actually take place from a distance and yet this is exactly what many Reiki practitioners claim to be able to do. This, of course, raises a very serious question: Does Reiki distance healing work?

The Strange World of Quantum Physics

To understand how this might be possible we need to explore the view of ‘reality’ that comes from modern science, particularly Quantum Physics. For those of us schooled in the standard Newtonian world view, this new paradigm can certainly come as something of a shock. Just as Alice found her world got stranger the further down the rabbit hole she went, so a quantum understanding can challenge pretty well everything that we accept as ‘normal’.

When we drill down to the smallest sub-atomic levels it seems as though the solid matter of everyday experience may actually not be solid at all. Quantum energy, the energy of atomic and sub-atomic particles, seems to behave almost magically, existing as both a wave and a particle, depending on whether it is observed or not. It seems as though there is something about consciousness that may directly effect this quantum energy.

At this level ‘solid matter’ may be much more of a myth that we commonly recognise. It seems as though matter may in fact come into existence out of a field or matrix of energy that lies behind all existence. This search for a ‘unified field theory’ is currently the Holy Grail of many scientists and projects like the Large Hadron Collider in Europe are part of this search for a model that can explain how all the energies in our universe interact.

Quantum Science and Spiritual Teachings

It is at this point that the message of science and many of the great spiritual teachers from the past seem to merge together. The existence of this field of energy implies that the energies of everyone and everything is in fact connected as we all appear out of the same source. In essence, nothing is ‘separate’ at all. This is just an illusion brought on by an incomplete understanding of how reality works.

Everything is energy! This of course includes our body and our consciousness. Research shows that we have fields of energy emanating from our bodies that expand beyond the limit of our physical body. All these energy fields contain information and when we tap into the unified field of energetic information, our bodies sometimes receive information as non-local intuitions.

Intuition – Tapping the Energy Field

Have you ever been sitting in a pub or a restaurant and known that someone was staring at you? When you instinctively look up, sure enough there they are. How did you know this with so much certainty?

Soldiers in battle often dive for cover a split second before a bullet smacks into the wall they were standing against moments before. How did they know they were in danger? Is it possible that under the heightened stresses of battle they are more open to communication from the field of energy than they would normally be? Clearly something has happened; instances of such events are too common to be put down to luck.

When we understand that consciousness is not confined to our body but extends into the energy matrix that is the real ‘reality’, these, and many other paranormal experiences, become much easier to connect. By aligning the energy of our consciousness with the energy of the unified field, we can have access to abilities that are actually perfectly natural yet border on the miraculous to the uninitiated.

The Illusion of Distance

This returns us directly to our question, does Reiki distance healing work? The truth is that there is no distance or separation, because we are all part of the same energy field and the ‘healing’ is to recognise this simple fact. By focusing our intent on another, whether they are with us or not, we open them up to possibilities that they may not previously have considered. Once they too recognise their own fundamental connection to source energy, healing in the full sense of the word will follow.

Experienced Reiki practitioners will have recognised their own connection to this source energy and will have helped many others obtain the same insight. It is the focused attention and will of the practitioner that facilitates the healing changes in the recipient. They ‘healer’ leads until the ‘patient’ is able to take full responsibility for their own healing.

Does Reiki distance healing work? Why not try it with an open mind and experience Reiki for yourself.

Thanks for stopping by, I wish you all the best as you research your own path to health. Please, keep in touch. Share a comment or questions and I will get back to you. Click here to read The Big Idea – it may help you to understand our healing philosophy.

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16 thoughts on “Does Reiki Distance Healing Work?

  1. Though I have to admit I’m not familiar with such healing, you gave me good insights to this practice. Do you have more good sources to this?

    • Great to hear from you. I would say that remote energy healing has been known by many names depending on the cultural setting and time. When people pray for someone’s healing are they not doing doing something similar to remote healing? Reiki is only a name that people understand – we are trying to get to the essence of the process that underlies all such forms of energy healing. I suspect that, through the power of our focused intent, we all have the ability to effect matter much more than is commonly recognised.

  2. Hello here. You have a great article here. I wish that more people could grasp meaning of this provided information.
    Maybe old saying works here such as when student is ready, the teacher shows up.
    I think that people can be sensitive and feel most of all energies which surround us.
    Unfortunately, most of us are brainwashed through media, TV. Plenty of zombies are around.
    People need triggers which could awake them from the transe.
    I think that reiki healers can send energy through distance. It is the same as the telepathy or intuition.
    All the best enlightening human beings. Nemira.

    • Thanks for your comment. You are absolutely right that we are effectively brainwashed into a very narrow view of what reality is. It’s not just the media but our whole education system is designed to programme children from a very young age. Gaining awareness of the energy that is all around us involves so much internal work that it is generally easier to follow the pack. I do feel that more people are making the effort now and starting to question everything they have received. In small ways we are starting to see new possibilities.

  3. Fantastic article. I must admit when I read the first two paragraphs I was skeptical but you followed up with some really thought provoking stuff. The truth is, there is so much that we just don’t know about, so how can we simply say ‘that doesn’t work’? You ended your article by talking about having an open mind and I can say that reading this has certainly opened mine.

    • One of our goals with this sight is to encourage people to think beyond the confines of their conditioning. When we realise that we are all connected at a very fundamental level then a lot of both our’s and the world’s problems start to disappear. Thank you for taking the time to write a comment

  4. I really enjoyed this article. Quantum physics is not my forte, But I do believe that everything is energy and energy is everything. So the thought Interacting while be apart I can see being possible.

    • Many thanks for taking the time to comment. My studies have lead me to the conclusion that we are all non-local awareness that happens to be residing in a physical body. If we are all part of a bigger whole there really is no distance between us to overcome. The problem for most of us (myself very much included) is that ego and a sense of self gets in the way of adeeper understanding. Still very much working on that one!

  5. Hello Steve,

    I joined a Reiki class when I was a kid but I never knew how effective it was for healing. Your article has definitely given me more knowledge about Reiki and what it is all about. Good read.

  6. Hi Steve,
    I love your scientific explanation of Reiki. I did a basic reiki course some years ago now and still use it when I remember to (not nearly as often as I should!). My kids are learning about energy at high school and so we’ve had talks about electrons and how everything is made up of more space than solid. It’s a great way for people to understand how energy moves and particularly how reiki could be used long distance. I’ve never received reiki over distance but I have certainly thought about doing further training, particularly since my parents are getting older and live in a different part of the country. Thanks for reminding me about it!

    • Hi Rachel – many thanks for your comment.I see a real coming together of science and what might be called spirituality in all its forms. It strikes me that everyone is talking about the same thing but just using slightly different reference points. If you get a chance I would thoroughly recommend you pursuing some more Reiki training – just choose your teacher carefully. Perhaps also keep in touch with our site – we plan to offer training soon.


    I love how you said that we are all connected. Its so so true. Whats funny is that when telepathy plays a role in our lives that makes even more sense. You know when someone calls you moments after you were thinking about them? Seriously well done on this. And Science and Spiritually come together? Absolutely, it makes total sense to we are all studying the same thing, but in time it will come together as one, because well….thats what it is, ITS ALL THE SAME THING. I really enjoyed the read. Thank you

    • Thanks for your comment and really pleased my article was helpful to you. Agree totally – science and spirituality really are both talking about the same thing.

  8. I’ve never heard of Reiki distance healing before this article! Seriously interesting stuff. Quantum physics is such an interesting topic to me and I really enjoy reading and learning about it. Your explanations about the energy are great too. I remember learning about this stuff in school and it’s totally fascinating to me. Love that you’ve given me insight into reiki, I’d be interested to try it myself. Thanks for the info!

    • Many thanks for your comment Brianna – part of our mission is to try and help make connections for people. It’s possible to marry science with a spiritual outlook.

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