Chi Kung

 (c) Can Stock Photo / Amaviael

(c) Can Stock Photo / Amaviael

Chi Kung is made up of two Chinese words. Chi is usually translated to mean the life force or vital-energy that flows through all things in the universe. Kung means an accomplishment or skill that is obtained through steady and consistent practise. Taken together, Chi Kung is a means of cultivating energy within our body. It is practised for health maintenance, healing and increased vitality.

The flowing movements and breathing techniques performed in Chi Kung are a very accessible yet powerful way of realigning our bodies with Universal Energy. Generally, the more energy we have circulating in our body the healthier we are. When we lose this internal energy we become fatigued, feel tense and don’t cope well with stress. Our thoughts become turbulent and confused and we suffer with insomnia and depression.

The Chi Kung exercises help the body to re-establish its natural energy leading to stronger organ systems (digestion, circulation etc), more flexible muscles, suppler joints, and more balanced emotions. As we cultivate more energy within ourselves, the normal stresses of life aren’t so overwhelming; as our energy increases so does our ability to handle stressful situations!

Healing with Chi Kung is not as difficult as you might think. You are not really learning anything new anyway, but simply restoring your body to its default setting. The movements and breathing exercises simply help you to remember how this setting was meant to be. It requires nothing more than what you would give any friend: attention, understanding, compassion, and love. The first step is to trust your innate knowing and let your body’s own healing powers do the rest.