Acupuncture vs Acupressure – Results Without Needles!

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Traditional Chinese Medicine offers a variety of treatments which can seem a far cry from surgery and the medication centric treatments that we are accustomed to in the West. Most people have a basic understanding that Acupuncture somehow involves sticking needles in the body but what is Acupressure? How are these two procedures connected and how do you determine which of these two alternative treatments might be the best one for you?

Acupuncture vs Acupressure

The key difference between these two traditional types of treatments is the way that they are administered. Both procedures use certain points on the body’s energy channels; normally referred to as meridians, these are the pathways around which the life giving energy (chi) is thought to flow. By stimulating specific points on the meridians, any blockage to the natural flow of chi can be gently restored, allowing the body to return to its natural state of health and well-being. However, Acupressure seeks to achieve this without the use of one critical tool which has been linked to acupuncture for generations. Needles!

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Instead of using needles which are inserted into special points on a person’s body, acupressure uses simple hand or finger pressure on the same points. This makes acupressure a particularly practical method of self-treatment that can be applied easily and almost anywhere.

The Ultimate Question: Do They Work?

There has been a considerable amount of research done into these fields of alternative medicine and both have been proven to be effective in many cases. Research has clearly shown that acupuncture can be particularly useful for the treatment of chronic pain. Recently it has been shown to be as effective as strong opiate pain killers in blocking pain, without carrying the risk of any unpleasant side effects. Similarly, acupressure can also be used to treat some of the many everyday conditions with similar results.

One thing is for certain, Acupressure is likely to be a better choice for you if you are afraid of needles!

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Does Reiki Distance Healing Work?

Does Reiki Distant Healing Work

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It is one thing going to a Reiki therapist to receive a ‘hands on’ treatment where you are able to tell them your problem and directly experience the energy work that they do with you. We are so used to visiting healers of all kinds; whether it be the doctors, dentist or a chiropractor, we recognise that this face to face contact seems an almost essential prerequisite for healing to take place.

It is quite another to consider that the same level of healing can occur without any direct contact between the healer and the patient. It seems counter-intuitive that healing could actually take place from a distance and yet this is exactly what many Reiki practitioners claim to be able to do. This, of course, raises a very serious question: Does Reiki distance healing work?

The Strange World of Quantum Physics

To understand how this might be possible we need to explore the view of ‘reality’ that comes from modern science, particularly Quantum Physics. For those of us schooled in the standard Newtonian world view, this new paradigm can certainly come as something of a shock. Just as Alice found her world got stranger the further down the rabbit hole she went, so a quantum understanding can challenge pretty well everything that we accept as ‘normal’.

When we drill down to the smallest sub-atomic levels it seems as though the solid matter of everyday experience may actually not be solid at all. Quantum energy, the energy of atomic and sub-atomic particles, seems to behave almost magically, existing as both a wave and a particle, depending on whether it is observed or not. It seems as though there is something about consciousness that may directly effect this quantum energy.

At this level ‘solid matter’ may be much more of a myth that we commonly recognise. It seems as though matter may in fact come into existence out of a field or matrix of energy that lies behind all existence. This search for a ‘unified field theory’ is currently the Holy Grail of many scientists and projects like the Large Hadron Collider in Europe are part of this search for a model that can explain how all the energies in our universe interact.

Quantum Science and Spiritual Teachings

It is at this point that the message of science and many of the great spiritual teachers from the past seem to merge together. The existence of this field of energy implies that the energies of everyone and everything is in fact connected as we all appear out of the same source. In essence, nothing is ‘separate’ at all. This is just an illusion brought on by an incomplete understanding of how reality works.

Everything is energy! This of course includes our body and our consciousness. Research shows that we have fields of energy emanating from our bodies that expand beyond the limit of our physical body. All these energy fields contain information and when we tap into the unified field of energetic information, our bodies sometimes receive information as non-local intuitions.

Intuition – Tapping the Energy Field

Have you ever been sitting in a pub or a restaurant and known that someone was staring at you? When you instinctively look up, sure enough there they are. How did you know this with so much certainty?

Soldiers in battle often dive for cover a split second before a bullet smacks into the wall they were standing against moments before. How did they know they were in danger? Is it possible that under the heightened stresses of battle they are more open to communication from the field of energy than they would normally be? Clearly something has happened; instances of such events are too common to be put down to luck.

When we understand that consciousness is not confined to our body but extends into the energy matrix that is the real ‘reality’, these, and many other paranormal experiences, become much easier to connect. By aligning the energy of our consciousness with the energy of the unified field, we can have access to abilities that are actually perfectly natural yet border on the miraculous to the uninitiated.

The Illusion of Distance

This returns us directly to our question, does Reiki distance healing work? The truth is that there is no distance or separation, because we are all part of the same energy field and the ‘healing’ is to recognise this simple fact. By focusing our intent on another, whether they are with us or not, we open them up to possibilities that they may not previously have considered. Once they too recognise their own fundamental connection to source energy, healing in the full sense of the word will follow.

Experienced Reiki practitioners will have recognised their own connection to this source energy and will have helped many others obtain the same insight. It is the focused attention and will of the practitioner that facilitates the healing changes in the recipient. They ‘healer’ leads until the ‘patient’ is able to take full responsibility for their own healing.

Does Reiki distance healing work? Why not try it with an open mind and experience Reiki for yourself.

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The Quest

One of my favourite films is called ‘The Silent Flute’. Based on a script idea originally penned by Bruce Lee is tells the story of Cord (The Seeker) as he works through many trials and challenges on his path towards enlightenment. As a piece of cinema it probably isn’t the greatest film ever made but as a modern day parable it’s a very interesting piece of work. It’s one of those films that will resonate powerfully with certain people but leave others quite cold; a bit like Marmite, you’ll either love it or hate it!

Here’s the ‘Spoiler Alert’! At the end of the movie Cord visits a secret island where he is shown the book within which is supposedly written all the secrets of life, the universe and all that. His search is complete, he has mastered all the tasks he has faced and is about to discover the secret to enlightenment. In anticipation he opens the book only to find that each page contains a mirror reflecting his own image back to him!

 (c) Can Stock Photo / thereisnosquare

(c) Can Stock Photo / thereisnosquare

There are many nuances of understanding to this imagery (and to the film as a whole, so please do watch it) but one thing is a clear takeaway message; the answer to all life’s mysteries lies within each of us. Turn your attention within and you will discover the true source of everything; including who you really are through a realisation of your true self!

Herein lies the problem though. Either by default or design our world teaches us to look outwards for answers and never inward. Humans are basically lazy and it is a lot easier to take on someone else’s view of how the world is, rather than to really think deeply about things and figure it out for ourselves. That involves real effort and means we might have to change pretty well everything that we have previously taken as ‘truth’! It means taking on board the possibility that the world is not as we have been taught by our parents, or by our teachers at school, or by our religious institutions, or by our politicians and leaders.

This is a hard path to tread. It takes courage and perseverance to follow; you very quickly realise that you are on your own, something of a lone wolf! The majority of people are just not interested in anything that would disturb their view of reality – however shitty that reality is for them! Henry David Thoreau said in Walden, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” So true, yet what an indictment on the world that we live in!

This process of separating people from their true nature seems to be accelerating too. There is a social media meme that sums it up beautifully:

So many Selfies, no knowledge of Self.

As a society we seem to have become obsessed with external images rather than the substance behind that image. The further we move away from connecting with our true nature the more shallow and uncaring we seem to become. In a world that has the ability to feed, clothe and home everyone on this planet we see divisions of wealth that are, quiet frankly, obscene.

Does it have to be like this? Of course not! But it does require that people take on their own personal quest by looking inward and really examining everything they find. A bit like a computer reboot, it may well be necessary to assume that everything you have been told is false and start again.

Some 30 years ago my instructor gave me a card with a short verse on. This was a teaching specifically aimed at me and designed to correct a tendency I had. I thanked him of course and then carried on doing exactly what I had been doing – clearly I wasn’t ready for that particular jump in my thinking just yet. It is only in recent years that the full impact of his words have become internalised and have now become my default thinking (most of the time anyway!). I share these words with you now in the hope that you’re quicker on the uptake than I was and you can find your own answers and understand how we are are all fundamentally connected.

The message Sensei had for me was:

Do not look for in others what you can only find in yourself.






What is Reiki?

 (c) Can Stock Photo / Nikki24

(c) Can Stock Photo / Nikki24

Reiki is a Japanese spiritual practice that promotes healing, either for yourself or for other people. The healing powers of the technique are based on the idea that there is an unseen ‘life force energy’ (what we call Universal Energy) that is the ultimate source of everything in the created universe. Not only does this energy represent the source of our existence but it also flows through each person, animating them and keeping them alive. When our life force energy is low or the flow is constricted, we get sick or feel weak. If our life force is high, we feel healthy and happy.

The name Reiki is taken from two Japanese characters that describe energy itself. The word ‘rei’, means ‘unseen’ or ‘spiritual’ and ‘ki’ which means ‘energy’ or ‘life force’. When combined it become Reiki – in English, its meaning is usually given as ‘universal life energy’.

Modern Reiki was founded by Mikao Usui who lived in Japan from 1865-1926. His story is surrounded by some myth but it seems as though he received the ability of healing after going through three weeks of fasting and meditating on top of Mount Kurama. He studied extensively many ancient healing texts, so it is very likely that Reiki is actually a ‘rediscovery’ rather than something new.

Reiki healers use a technique similar to that of laying on of hands. This action is said to promote the channelling of universal energy which flows through the palms and moves to those areas within the ‘patient’ that require balancing. It is important to understand that this healing power can be used for self-treatment as well as for treating others. Interestingly, Reiki works whether the student believes it or not.

Reiki is beautifully simple, both to learn and apply. It feels very natural. As a therapy it has proved beneficial in treating virtually every known physical, emotional, and mental disease. It also provides an ‘alternative’ approach that works well when combined with more traditional medical or therapeutic techniques; specifically, it can help to relieve the side effects of medication and promote a speedier recovery.

Reiki and the ability to use it effectively, cannot be taught in the usual sense. The skill is said to be ‘transferred’ to the student during a Reiki class. After the skill has been passed on, it allows the student to tap into an unlimited supply of ‘life force energy’ that can then be used to improve health and enhance the quality of their life.

Practising Reiki also has an added beneficial effect – that of spiritual healing. However, although Reiki may be spiritual in nature, it is certainly not considered a religion. There are no set of beliefs or specific dogma that one has to adhere to to practice Reiki. That said, it does offer a pathway that helps to develop and promote harmonious living with others. Aside from practising Reiki and its principles, Mikao Usui also recommends the practise of simple ethical ideals that can lead to peace and harmony among people.

Getting to know Reiki can be very powerful. Not only does it help people become a healing channel for themselves and others, but it also promotes peace and harmonious living amongst all people.

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Most Medicines Don’t Cure!

One of the great things about the Internet is starting out on a fairly random surf and suddenly coming across a site that really resonates with your own work. Finding Tracy Kolenchuk’s site ‘Healthicine‘ was definitely one such encounter. You say ‘healthicine’ as you would say ‘medicine’ and Tracy’s basic philosophy is that we should be concentrating on activities that promote health rather than taking medicines that treat only symptoms.

Somewhat incredulously, most medicines make no claim to cure! This statement certainly makes one sit up and take note so we have included a link to Tracy’s full article below. Definitely a very thought provoking read, particularly as he goes into the lack of the word ‘cure’ in modern medicine. One line in particular really stands out: Most medicines treat diseases, but do not cure. Most medicines are marketed with the mantra “learn to live with your disease”. 

Read the article here and please share your thoughts on it below.

Most Medicines Make No Attempt to Cure

Most medicines make no claim to cure. Most medicines simply do not cure. Does this surprise you? It’s a statement easily verified, even by a novice. Let’s look at some ways to test, and prove it. First, walk over to you medicine cabinet. Take out each of the medicines.